Core Principles

  1. We will celebrate and promote public libraries by increasing footfall and encouraging their use
  2. We will deliver accessible, affordable, high quality theatre to local communities which may otherwise be less exposed to the arts
  3. We will celebrate the printed word, promoting reading and literacy
  4. We will broadcast a positive message of equality and diversity through our adaptations of texts; representing society’s broad spectrum of individuals in casting and employment
  5. We will create a safe platform for developing artists from all backgrounds, welcoming them into our expanding network and forging lasting connections
  6. We will aspire to grow and reach a wider audience, both regionally and internationally, as the company develops

“…Libraries are cathedrals of the mind; hospitals of the soul; theme parks of the imagination. On a cold rainy island, they are the only sheltered public spaces where you are not a consumer, but a citizen instead.” – Caitlin Moran