Supporting Bodies

We’re a non-for-profit organisation and rely heavily on donations and support in kind to do what we do. Click here to find out how you can help.

The following is a list of some of the parties that have made major contributions in our first year as a company.

PrintIn  February 2016 our application in partnership with Hertfordshire Libraries to ACE was accepted, for a grant of £48,673 to deliver our debut tour of Hamlet, “The Book’s the Thing”. Their decision to fund the project completely transformed our ability to deliver a truly professional theatre experience to libraries around the country.


Our initial crowdfunding campaign in October 2015 raised an incredible £6,208. Each of the 104 individual backers who dug deep to make our dream a reality deserve a special thank you – however the following names are recognised as Special Benefactors for their generous donations: Theo Clarke, Fiona Turnbull, Ben Lee, The Hope-Johnson Family, Rand Winch, Tony Winch, Elizabeth Gaynor-Lloyd, Michael & Dawn Cuthbertson, Jude Bishop, Rose Chapman, Ellen Weld & Edward Towne. For their especially generous contributions, the following are named as Honourary Producers of Librarian Theatre: Jane & David Wain, Chris Wain, and Alastair & Margaret Cuthbertson. Our heartfelt and eternal gratitude goes out to every one.


We work closely with our library partners, and the support of the Society of Chief Librarians represents our collaboration with library authorities around the country. Our lead partner for “The Book’s the Thing” was Hertfordshire Libraries. Our especial thanks go to Hertfordshire’s Development Manager, Shirley Everall, who spearheaded the project from an early stage. Our current lead partner in our pending ACE application is Joanne Gray, the Partnerships, Projects and Funding Manager for Cambridgeshire Libraries. Other special thanks must go to Janet Hill, Lorna Payne, the rest of the Readeast network, and every librarian we have had the pleasure of working with.


imageWe also work with library Friends groups to support them in their valiant, passionate struggle to maintain a library presence in the face of savage government cuts. The Friends of Barham Library in Brent, and their central figures of Paul Lorber (left in above image) and Gaynor Lloyd (third from the left) have been an invaluable source of support for our initiative: providing space for auditions, rehearsals, and performances, accommodation, accounting advice, and emotional support, amounting to a significant figure of support in kind. We will continue to stand in solidarity with them, and other Friends groups, until we have a well-funded public library service which doesn’t require community volunteers to survive.

Other supporting individuals and organizations

  • Kendall Cars
  • Rebecca Blackbourn (Philip Richardson Library, Royal Academy of Dance)
  • Alex Heaton (Panthera Pictures)
  • Boady Shouls
  • Dora Rubinstein
  • Nicki Milner (Arts Educational Schools London)
  • Barney Norris (Up in Arms)
  • Jack Gaskin and Ashon Spooner (Phundee Empowering Entertainment)
  • Dan Baker (Barbican Theatre Plymouth)
  • Everyone involved in our R&D sessions & Fundraising event
  • The Fox and Phoenix, Finsbury
  • Charles and Anne Mills
  • Pat Pillinger
  • Diana & John Gower